MRC Allied Inc signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Uni Solar Inc. to explore the possibility of developing Solar PV Rooftop Projects in the country.

Present during the MOU Signing were MRC President and CEO Gladys N. Nalda, Uni Solar President Ronaldo R. Villon and executives from both companies. Also present was MRC Director and former DOE Secretary Carlos Jericho L. Petilla.


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    "Clean, green and renewable energy -- this is the core philosophy and mission that UNI SOLAR, INC. is founded on. The technology and training required to make possible the development, engineering and delivery of solar powered products and services to every Philippine household and industry sector is a paramount fulfillment that UNI SOLAR, INC. endeavors to support and focus on."

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    Our Vision

    Sustainable, environmentally safe, and a green lifestyle -- UNI SOLAR sees that green developments in both industrial and residential communities and spaces have already made a turn to what is clean, green and renewable. It is in this sense that UNI SOLAR finds itself to be ever increasingly more relevant to businesses and communities who will align, adopt and live a greener lifestyle and finding UNI SOLAR products and services in most, if not in all of them.

  • Who We Are

    Who We Are

    Renewable Energy, particularly Solar Energy, is the core strength and offering of UNI SOLAR, INC. The Philippines being located in the world's sun belt and receiving an irradiation index of 1200 -- UNI SOLAR is convinced that harnessing solar power as a viable source of clean, green and renewable energy and making it available to Philippine households and industries alike is both a meritorious advocacy and sound business altogether.

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